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Lacy Consulting Services, LLC

Stop assuming. Start knowing.

Using applied environmental social science and robust relationship building to better understand communities that are impacted by or can directly impact conservation outcomes. Lacy Consulting Services (LCS) is committed to helping environmental organizations, agencies, and sustainability-focused businesses reach their community and conservation goals using social science techniques and justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion principles.

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Lacy Consulting Services, LLC

Discover Our Expertise

Environmental Social Science

We use social science techniques (focus group meetings, interviews, workshops, surveys, etc.) to understand the knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, and values of your target audience. We then provide recommendations to help you best engage with these audiences in a way that is centered on trust and equity.

JEDI in Conservation Planning

LCS has developed an approach for integrating justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) into conservation planning. We were asked to integrate JEDI into the 5 steps of the globally accepted approach for conservation planning known as the Conservation Standards. We are now transforming conservation planning and practice with conservation groups around the world. Read more here.

JEDI Workshops

Looking to build trust with new or existing partners or communities? Look no further! At LCS, we have done our research and created science-driven workshops focused on helping you identify multiple actions you can take immediately to help you build and sustain trust with diverse communities. Not only that we have the following workshops available:

  • Approaches to integrating JEDI into Conservation Planning

  • Building Trust in diverse communities

  • How to Effectively Listen, Empower, and Transform Your Conservation Practice

  • The intersection of LGBTQIA+ and Conservation

  • The intersection of Disability and Conservation

  • JEDI in Conservation Basics

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