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Green Mind Podcast

Many of you may not know this, but I launched a podcast in February of 2021 called the Green Mind Podcast. This podcast focuses on interviewing people around the world that work at the intersection of people and nature. Many conservation groups have yet to truly realize the power of integrating these two topics. Most believe that working on conservation issues must mean excluding people from natural places. As time goes on, those groups realize the error of that thinking. That by being in any way exclusive, we further exacerbate climate change and other environmental issues. They are inextricably linked.

In order to address the largest conservation problem in the world, climate change, it requires all individuals at the table. Because conservation was founded on exclusivity, elitism, and white supremacy culture values, it is no wonder that today we find ourselves in the current slew of conservation crisis. They are not intentional values that we choose so much as the dominant values that have been forced on all individuals globally. We have excluded voices and values in hopes that by protecting land from people the planet would be saved. Instead we have created pockets of safe havens while the world literally burns because of ecological degradation. Is this all conservation could have accomplished? Is this our destined future? The answer to both is no.

But in order to reach a better type of conservation it will require current leaders that have been steeped in old ideologies to step aside and support the next generation of conservation leaders. The ones that find it unacceptable to exclude humans from the conservation equation. The ones that have diverse backgrounds and experiences that are in opposition to exclusivity, elitism, and white supremacy values. These people exist, I interview them all the time on my podcast and they are creating waves. They are creating a necessary evolution in the conservation field. One that cannot by stopped by those with outdated values.

Go check out the podcast:

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